Once by Ngaiire

Totally blown away by this song

Song In Cm by Kathryn Calder

Chanel Bleu by Audri Nix

Home (ft. Aurora) (Lane 8 Remix) by Icarus

FML (Vanic Remix) by K.Flay

This Is It by Space Above

I feel like I’m on a journey when I listen to it. And I love it.

First heard it on HillyDilly.com

Believe by Thrill.

This is great, then I explored his SoundCloud page and found more greatness. A+

What’s Real by Waters

I’m loving this band. This is one of the standout songs from their upcoming album. I’m sure we’ll be hearing a lot more about them.

Then Comes The Wonder by The Landing

So catchy! It’s a free download too!

Thanks for letting me know about this, hillydilly.com

I’m Not Talking by A.C. Newman

This song has been out for a while but I still can not stop listening to it. The rest of the album is just as good. I’m a big fan of this talented man.